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Oleg Bekmemetev met with students of the ‘Broadway Inclusive’ dance studio

On July 9, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev met with the students of the ‘Broadway Inclusive’ dance studio. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Head of the Izhevsk City Administration of social policy Dmitrii Chistiakov, coaches and parents of children.

Dance Studio ‘Broadway Inclusive’ was created in 2013. Since then, 60 people have been consistently involved in it – these are the children and adults with disabilities and their healthy peers.

The Director of the dance Studio ‘Broadway Inclusive’ Zhanna Dmitrieva told the story of the dance studio creation, ‘I had been dancing since I was five years old, then I started to train children. At first, they were healthy children, but once I was lucky to train a ‘special’ child. And I realized: if you are a dancer, then you should dance. I decided to continue it. It was difficult, but together with the guys we overcame the fears, learned new things and started to achieve very good results.’

At the meeting, they discussed the issues of the dance studio technical equipment. The rehearsals for students are now organized in the Youth Information Resource Center, where only 3-4 people can train there at the same time. But this is not enough for more mass events. The dance studio applied for the project ‘Initiative Budgeting’. If they win, it is planned to create a Center for Socio-Cultural Animation and Adaptation on the basis of the House of Children's Art. Children with disabilities will be able to develop themselves in dance, music, theater, and painting. The dance studio will have a new home with installed ramps, expanded doorways, changing rooms and rehearsal rooms.

Oleg Bekmemetev noted the importance of the inclusive dance sports development in Izhevsk, ‘It is important for everyone that there is a person who leads you. I see that you have friendly teamwork and have achieved great success. Your creativity is a very good example and motivation not to sit still, but to do good. Continue to move forward, achieve new victories, and we will help you with this.’

At the end of the meeting, students and trainers of the dance studio ‘Broadway Inclusive’ were awarded letters of gratitude from the Head of the City of Izhevsk for their active life and popularization of inclusive dance sports.


During the existence of the dance studio ‘Broadway Inclusion’, together with the Charity Foundation ‘Give Tomorrow’, 13 charity performances were created, which were seen by more than 5 thousand spectators. Thanks to the performances, the theater collected more than 6 million rubles and helped 20 disabled children.

The performances were also presented at the first children's inclusive festival in the Udmurt Republic ‘The Edge of the Possible: the Udmurt Republic, my native land!’, supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation. The theater won a grant of 1 million rubles.

Two years in a row (2018-2019) the dance studio actively participates in the celebration of the City Day. The dance studio ‘Broadway Inclusive’ and its artists are the laureates of the International Ethno-festival ‘Altyn-Maidan-Crimea-2017’, the laureates of the inclusive dance competition ‘Inclusive dance’ (Moscow, 2018), and the finalists of the II Paradelphic Games (Izhevsk 2018).

For the first time in Moscow, the director Zhanna Dmitrieva was nominated with the award ‘The Best Choreographer of an Inclusive Team’, also the choreographer and the participant of the dance studio Asiya Kasimova was nominated with the award ‘Debut of the Year’.

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